Little Pepi’s Pizzelles, Vanilla, 7 Ounce

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Price: $5.49
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For over 50 Years, Little Pepi’s is still recognized as the premium pizzelles. We are dedicated to making this Italian treat by only sourcing American made and produced products. We are a community partner by providing work to mentally and physically challenged individuals and incorporating them into our workplace. Pizzelle ingredients are similar between bakeries, but the key to a superior pizzelles is the recipe. Flour is the first ingredient for all pizzelle bakers; however our second ingredient is whole eggs, where as others list the less costly sugar second. Unlike most bakeries which use processed liquid eggs, we buy shelled eggs directly from the farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and crack them fresh daily. For generations we have been driven by quality, not the bottom line. Pizzelles are originated from the Abruzzo region of Italy, and have been around since 800 BC. Try our pizzelles, they will not disappoint, and you will be instantly addicted to these waffle cookies. Little Pepi’s making everyday a holiday.
Baked in America for over 50 years
Zero trans fat and no preservatives
Great snack
Amazon handles all shipping, when we ship to their Fulfillment Centers boxes are in perfect condition.


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