Nichols Farms Pistachios – Fresh Roasted No Shell Pistachio – Nutrient Rich Nuts Snack Packs – Non-GMO, California Grown – Healthy, Wonderful Tasting, Party Snack – (Jalapeño Lime)

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Looking For A Delicious Snack?

Whether you need a healthy snack for the office, a high-energy snack for the gym, or a nutritious school snack for your kids, pistachios are an ideal choice. They are high in nutrients, so they can help you stay fueled between meals and can satisfy your cravings with their mouth-watering flavor.

When It Comes To Yummy Snacks, Nothing Beats The Roasted Pistachios By Nichols Farm

Our pistachios are grown in California, carefully selected, and packaged in safe pouches that preserve their freshness. They are rich in nutrients and can boost your energy levels, yet calorie-low, so they won’t add tons of unnecessary calories to your diet. They pair well with wine, but can also spice up a salad or meat dish, or add flavor to a home-baked dessert. And the best part? We care for the land and we prove it. We utilize solar energy, recycle our water, compost our waste, and recycle our packaging, to help preserve natural resources.

Sustainable FarmingSustainable Farming

Grown In CaliforniaGrown In California

Family OwnedFamily Owned

Sustainable Farming

Our pistachios are naturally non-GMO and responsibly grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California. All of our pistachios are drip-irrigated, dramatically reducing the amount of water needed for the trees to flourish.

Grown In California

Our products are grown and packaged in the USA with methods that are compliant with the national safety standards.

Family Owned

We understand the importance of staying true to our roots. A passion for farming runs deep in our family, and we take pride in our hands-on, transparent farming practices. We respect our community and our land, and weigh integrity above all else.

Nutrient RichNutrient Rich

Shelf Life Shelf Life

Travel Friendly Travel Friendly

Nutrient-Rich Snack

Packed with antioxidants, amino acids, healthy fatty acids, and vitamin B6, our pistachios replenish your nutrient levels.

Extended Shelf Life

We walk the extra mile to make sure your pistachios remain delicious. The safe pouch ensures a top-standard delivery condition and long shelf life.

Travel-Friendly Pouch

These healthy pistachios are perfect for stowing away in your bag to snack on throughout the day. The resealable bag helps keep them fresh.

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Who Can Say No To This Flavor?

If you like a little spice in your life, the No Shell Jalapeno Lime pistachios are for you. Combining the zest of bright green chili with fresh citrus, these pistachios are relatively mild but still pack a punch.

Lifestyle 02Lifestyle 02

Ideal For All Your Recipes

Our roasted pistachios can be used as a crust for chicken, fish, or cheese, soaked in honey and spooned over fresh yogurt, baked into syrupy desserts, stuffed into sausages, or ground over your salads, starters, and appetizers.

Must-Have Party Snack

It is always a fun party when pistachios are around, as they go well with any beverage. Whatever your guests are drinking, wine, gin, whiskey, vodka – or just soda – a bowl of pistachios is always welcome.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.19 x 6.3 x 2.68 inches; 1.37 Pounds

Delicious Pistachio Nuts Grown in California: Nichols Farms’ pistachios are non-GMO and sustainably grown in the Central Valley of California using advanced farming methods. The result is a uniquely tasty, flavorsome, irresistible, and… perfectly roasted pistachio!
Get Your Daily Dose of Nutrients: Looking for high protein snacks for the office or school break time? Our roasted salted nuts are a good source of fiber and Vitamin B6, contain healthy fats, antioxidants, and amino acids, and can naturally turbocharge your energy.
Complete Plant Protein: Pistachios contain all 8 essential amino acids that make up a complete plant protein. Just another reason to snack with no guilt!
Spoil Your Party Guests: Spice up your recipes with delicious Nichols Farms pistachios. Prepare beef roast or pork roast, add flavor to your salads, or bake tarts, apple desserts, pies, and a lot more. Your guests will go nuts over your dishes!


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