Sufaniq Nut Milk Bag – 2 Pack (12 x 12 Inches) 100% Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth Bag, Premium Quality Reuseable Nut Bag Strainer for Almond, Soy, Oat Milk, Tea, Juices, Cold Brew Coffee

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Happy Life with SUFANIQ

SUFANIQ is a small family business using all possible dynamism and stroking all efforts to bring satisfaction to valued customers; we only sell what we enjoy using as well. We use nut milk bags & cheesecloth in all corners of our house, literally from the kitchen to the garage. Our 100% pure cotton products make us excited and we strongly believe that it will give you the most efficient ways to use it everywhere from cooking to crafts, to fashion and you will surely be happy and satisfied using our multidimensional products.

Our Future Prospects: In the future, we will continue to plow into the fields of cotton to bring the best quality of products to suit our valuable customer’s existing needs and to add more fun by exploring and bringing in new exciting value-added uses.

(This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease).

Sufaniq Nut Milk Bag: A Versatile Strainer & Filter





Strain the Nut Milk

It is as simple as it is to read. Pour the blended nuts into nut milk bag and strain it. Enjoy residue-free nut milk.

Cheese / Greek Yogurt

Our nut milk bag is an ideal alternate of regular cheesecloth to make traditional cheese and Greek Yogurt. Our bag will drain the whey and all impurities efficiently to give you the best of curd.

Fresh and Fit Juice

Extract fresh vegetable and fruit juice using our unbleached 100% pure cotton bag. You can also use the leftover pulp in other recipes.

Appetizing Bone Broth

Tie up bones, spices and vegetables together in our cheesecloth bag and toss it into soup. Use it for roasted poultry, chicken pot pies, osso bucco, or stocks. The bouquet garni makes it easy to remove the flavorings when your stock is done.

Why Opt for Sufaniq Cheesecloth Bags?





Food Grade Unbleached 100% Pure Cotton

Reinforced Premium Quality Stitching

Multidimensional Drawstrings Closure

Weave Count 66 x 70 ideal for culinary uses





Washable and Reusable

Strong & Durable

Ultra Fine Mesh

Breathable Cotton Material



Ergonomic Design: This ultimate 12×12″ nut milk bag is for mess-free straining. Spacious design and fine mesh corners ensure rapid waste elimination without pour chaos. Say goodbye to tiny bags and revolutionize straining with this reusable nut bag
VEGAN Drinks:Nut milk bags for straining reusable with drawstring closure are ideal for vegan drinks.Nut milk strainer has a tight 66 X 70 weave, perfect for straining.Not as tight as a 200-micron nylon bag, but tighter than a grade 90 strainer.
Food Grade Strainer: Cheese cloth bag for straining is perfect for effortless almond milk making. The food-grade cheesecloth bag strains nuts and liquids with ease. Its versatility extends to reusable tea bags, making it ideal for vegans. Simply hang it and extract milk without exertion.
Customer Experience:SUFANIQ guarantees top-notch quality for our nutmilk mesh bags.We are always available to assist you 24/7. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our strainer bags in the kitchen or gift them to your loved ones for a pulp-free drink


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